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Who are you as a Civic member of Society and What Makes you YOU?

We will be working on presentations this week and begin (hopefully) to present them next week.  
  • Guest Speaker on the Town Charter Ballot Questions
  • Field Trip to see Snowden - 
  • CIVIC FOCUS: Was Snowden performing his Civic Duty or did he commit Treason (Constitution Art III §3?)
    • Friday, September 30 - Leave WHS at 8:45 am for movie at 9:30 am return to WHS: approx. 12:00-12:15 pm
    • Snowden Official Trailer
    • Snowden Movie Review - Ebert
OCTOBER focus will be on the Presidential Election. 
  • Debates Schedule:
    • First presidential debate (Mon, Sept. 26)
      Vice presidential debate (Tues, Oct. 4)
      Second presidential debate (Sun, Oct. 9)
      Third presidential debate (Wed, Oct. 19)

      Read More: Full 2016 Debate Schedule