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2016-2017 School Year

Introduction to Civics:  Students learn what the expectations for this course are.  With this being an election year, projects through November will focus on the democratic process.  The month of September will be devoted to a "Wanted" presentation and attempting to finalize the students senior projects.  All senior project information is available on the senior exhibition tab on the WHS website.
WANTED!-Students are asked to organize their thoughts and present information about themselves that they want the class to know.  The presentation must fall within 3-5 minutes, include historical connections, and must include some form of a visual.  This presentation is used for baseline data to help track student’s growth throughout the year.
The 2016 Presidential Election - details to follow
Continue election process
December and January 2016 - 2017 
 Students complete the GenGap assignment.
      8-12 minute presentation
      must have article based on subject matter
      must show learning stretch
      must have interview with another generation(s)

on day on presentation - hand in rubric with outline and article attached.

example of proper article :

Good Luck!

Moving forward all seniors need to be aware of the following schedule between today 11/24 – 1/20.

December 24- January 3 –     Christmas Vacation
January 4 – 5                                  Work Period
January 6 - 8                                   Website Presentations (MT)
January 11 – 15                             Website Presentations (MT)
January 18                                     Martin Luther King (Off)
January 19-21                                Website Presentations
The above concepts and dates will be accompanied with specific directions.
All students need to be present for the Mid-Term dates



21st Century Civic Understanding – For this round of presentations, the students are allowed to pick their topic as long as there is a civic connection.  Most topics will deal with knowledge that pertains to adulthood.  Then, students are allowed to present in any format available.  This presentation is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore a topic that they find particularly interesting or that may help them with preparation the next stage in their lives.  The goal is to provide a teachable moment.
April/May 2017
Senior Project Presentation Prep & Dress Rehearsal– Students are each given a scheduled opportunity for a dress rehearsal of their senior project presentations.  This presentation is designed expand on and fine-tune their mid-term presentations, eliminate technology issues, and use their civic teachers as a bench mark for possible areas of improvement. It is also designed to relieve the stress of that particular day since students have successfully completed a trial run of the final presentation in front of their peers and teacher.
Because of the fluid nature of this curriculum, the above times may be adjusted as needed. Time allowing, additional opportunities to present may also be possible.