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Westerly Architectural Building Presentation Anchor Task is Due 12/1/2016

Architectural Design Anchor Task

  1. Choose one unique/ historical building of Westerly.
  2. Acquire images of the building.
  3. Determine the buildings style, history, era of construction, any unique features or attributes of the building etc.
  4. What characteristics make this building this style/type?
  5. How was the building constructed, who designed the building, what was the buildings purpose?
  6. How many square feet are in the building, what is the size of the property what is the property valued at?
  7. What type siding is on the building, what kind of roof materials, any other architectural features?
  8. Create a 5 minute presentation on your findings.
  9. You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google slides, or any other tpe of presentation software.
  10. Include images, videos, newspaper articles or any other media information you can find.