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I am so happy to begin a new school year with your children.  I am looking forward to having a productive year!
Please feel free to contact me any time. 
  • My email address is
  • I am in Babcock 303 and my extension is B303
  • I will be after school on Monday and Wednesday.  There is a sign up on my board.
  • I have set up a Remind 101 to sent text messages to anyone who would like to be reminded of when test, quizzes and assignments are and when they are due. Text 4016220118
  • College Math code: @a0d2a          Algebra 2 code;   @algebra2db         Algebra  code:@1a7fd
  • I use for students if they are difficulties with homework problems or concepts.  Student will use these course codes:    College Math code:124901    
  • Algebra 2 code:124907         Algebra 1: 124905