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Remind 101

I will be sending out text messages to all students in my classes using the program Remind 101. The message will be sent to remind students to study for an upcoming test or quiz (usually being given the next day). I am making this available to all parents as well.

Parent sign up will involve sending a text to the website server. Follow the instructions below when sending the text.

Algebra Part A  Period 6:  To:  (401) 262-5421      Message:  @4adkk2
Algebra 1 period 3:    To:   81010      Message:  3b3b38
Algebra 1 period 7:    To:   81010      Message:  3b3b384
Calculus cp period 1  To    81010      Message:  3b3b3
Calculus cp period 4  To:   81010      Message:  3b3b384f
Thank You.