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Student Spotlight March 2012

We're turning the spotlight on WHS students who are doing an amazing job in and out of the classroom! We’d like to congratulate the following students for the achievement in academics for the month of March.
. . .and this month's student spotlights shine on:
Hannah Schilke—for taking 3rd place in the state at Voice of Democracy
Catherine Montalto—for being an exceptional, above and beyond history student
Klara Reisch—for stretching her desire to learn French beyond the walls of Westerly High School
Nour Alnatafgi—for her constant work with and application of English language learning in classes as well as her leadership with the International Club
Micajah Campbell –for self-advocating, standing up for peers, and contributing real-world connections to academics
Cam Bell—for his tenacity in achievement in science
Laura Boegler—for excellence in math and classroom leadership
Taylor Bleir—taking risks with creative writing
Rose Serra—for stretching her study of mob-mentality and successfully facilitating a flash mob on the quad
Zack Clark—for his perseverance to meet personal and academic success
Andrea Burrell—for her diligence and self-advocacy in academics for Planning Center
and Rachel Sylvia—for her dedication and hard work in the culinary program
If you see them in the halls, tell them nice job:)
and a special shout out to all the donations that went to help sponsor the Brainy Breakfast on April 10th to honor them!!!