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Student Spotlight On Academics

 Starting next semester, WHS is turning the “spotlight” on students who do really amazing work connected with academics in and/or out of the classroom. This complements Student of the Month by celebrating students’ academic accomplishments.
Each department will submit one or two names monthly to honor some awesome work going on in our school community!
The following will be considered when teachers nominate the student for Student Spotlight in Academic Achievement.
Criteria for Student Spotlight in Academic Achievement :
 1.            Student must demonstrate notable achievement connected to academics.
 2.            Student achievement might be reached inside the classroom or beyond the
 3.            Student can be motivated to achieve in both traditional (classroom successes
               like high grades, improvement, etc.) and non-traditional ways such as:
        •             Johnny uses his construction skills to help Habitat for Humanity
                       or to build a ramp for his grandfather.
        •             Jamie trains for and participates in a triathlon.
        •             June volunteers in a cell lab at the University on her own time.
        •             Jake translates at the Westerly Hospital.
        •             Justine gets her poetry published.
        •             Julie assists with a local/state political campaign.