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Student of the month

WHS Advisory classes sponsor a Student of the Month award in cooperation with the school administration. The Student of the Month winners will be selected by the class advisors with input from all student body, faculty and staff.
Criteria for Student of the Month:
1. Student must have demonstrated a real effort and desire to learn. This does not mean the student has achieved honor roll status.
2. Student must have demonstrated involvement in school life/activities.
3. Student must demonstrate respect for all school policies and personnel.
4. Student must have demonstrated real concern for the school community.
5. Student must be actively involved in classroom activities.
6. Student must have demonstrated friendliness and support for other students.
Procedure for nominating/choosing winners:
1. Any member of the faculty may nominate a student. To nominate, please use the folder with nomination/voting forms which will be placed on the sign-in tables in both buildings during the last week of every month. Reasons for nomination can be stated on these forms. Vote by initialing in the column near your choice. The advisors make the actual selections.
2. Assistant principals/ members of administration/ advisory of the nominees should be consulted by class advisors to make sure that the students are respectful of school policies and regulations.
3. Winners’ names should be given to Mr. Gleason or Mr. Hathaway who will coordinate the announcing of winners and the distribution of award certificates.
4. Please do not write anything negative on the nomination form. If you have a legitimate concern of student nomination, see the class advisor or an administrator privately. They will determine whether or not a student will be removed from nomination. Please understand that we will not necessarily make public the reason for removing a name. Respect the confidentiality.