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Junior and Senior Parking Permit Information

Incoming Juniors and Seniors:
We hope you are enjoying your summer.  Soon we will be back to celebrate learning at Westerly High School.
As you may know, WHS has parking available to eligible Juniors and Seniors with a valid driver's license and a registered/insured vehicle.  If you are currently licensed, registered, and insured and would like a Student Parking Permit for the 2021-2022 WHS School Year, please complete the attached digital form and submit it to Mr. Hinkle ASAP.  
Only complete and accurate digital applications will be processed.  Parking spots will be randomized and assigned to the first, complete applicants.
Please monitor your email.  Soon, we will set aside several days in the next few weeks to come to the WHS Ward Main Office to submit your paperwork and receive your Student Parking Permit sticker.  At that time you will need a legible copy of:
  1. Westerly High School Student Parking Registration form, completed
  2. Driver's License
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Vehicle Insurance card