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OCTOBER: Looking at Data

Westerly Middle School has been collecting and reviewing many sources of data that have been collected.
​After finishing the NWEA MAP testing window, teams have been analyzing the results to inform instructional practices. Also, using NWEA MAP data along with classroom information, teams are planning and using team intervention blocks to help students meet with success.

Intervention is intended to support students who are struggling academically.  Intervention is a time to provide students with additional support and instruction to clarify misconception of comprehension, build skills as necessary and foster positive student work habits in a more individualized environment.

In addition to student data, WMS is also collecting data on instructional practices. All teams are participating in I-walkthroughs. Teams are observing classroom practices and collecting the information through a Google form. When completed the results will show the strengths and weakness of instructional practices through the building. This will help to guide professional development opportunities through the year.