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What's up here?

Science:  We are continuing with Life Science.  We have been discussing biomolecules.  Students will work with flashcards and QUIZLET to review vocabulary terms.  Students will participate in readings, videos, and note-taking as we expand on our study of specialization of the cells within our bodies.  Lots of fun to come!

Math:  We continue to work with bivariate data.  Students have been looking at data to determine associations.  We have begun to look at linear and non-linear patterns within graphs, tables and charts.

SS:  Students have just wrapped up the study of feudal Japan and China.  We are moving into the Renaissance Period, a time of rebirth of the arts and education.

ELA:  Students are getting ready to embark on another writing task.  We will be using paired text and videos to answer a prompt.  Lots of reading and discussions to take place as we explore the effects of sleep on the adolescent mind and body.  

The END of QUARTER 3 is coming!  In a few short weeks we will enter into the fourth quarter of grade 8!  Lots of fun to come, however, academic and behavioral expectations must be met in order to participate.