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Curriculum Update (Nov. 22)

We are currently studying the Fertile Crescent in your child's Social Studies class.  So far, we have studied the geography of the ancient Middle East both past and present.  We have also learned about the historic empires that were created over the course of a couple thousand years.  We focused on the achievements that these groups of people made and their contributions to the world.  

As we move in the second quarter, I must stress the importance of reviewing material more often and developing meaningful study skills.  The material that we are studying now is brand new for most, if not all, of them.  Below, you'll find a few tips in how to do that:
  • Create a routine.  When you get home, you should try to do your homework at the same time of the afternoon/night.
  • QUIET!! - Try to remove all distractions.  It is difficult to concentrate when you have the tv on, earbuds in, cell phone in your hand, as your dog is running circles around you.  Studying in these conditions is not studying.
  • Get ahead - Break your studying up into two nights instead of one cram session.  Once you master half the material, put it away and save the other half for tomorrow.  
  • Pay attention - There is no new material on quizzes or tests.  Staying alert and engaged in class is the first step to doing well.  
 I hope that everyone has a pleasant, restful Thanksgiving!