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We're reading Loser by Jerry Spinelli in class.  Under my links, I have provided a PDF of the text, as I have a limited number of copies that students can take home in the case of an absence.  Each day, I write the chapters that we have read on my class calendar, and students can come in to my room before homeroom to catch up on reading too. 

Here is our reading so far:

1/31 Chapters 24-30 (finished!)
1\/27 Chapters 22-23
1/25 Chapters 18-21
1/24 Chapters 16-17
1/23 Chapters 14-15
1/20 Chapters 12-13
1/17 Chapter 11
1/12 Chapter 10
1/10 Chapters 8-9
1/6 Chapters 5-8
1/5 Chapters 1-4