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System 44 available at home for iPads

System 44 Mobile Access The System 44 app is available to all students with active program log-ins. Students may access the student software on an iPad by downloading and configuring the apps. Downloading and Configuring System 44 To download and access the app, devices must meet the following requirements:
• iPad 2 or later
• iOS 7 or later
 When these requirements are met, the app may be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. System 44 Mobile Access Updated 08.26.15 • 2 © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company PDF0909 (PDF)
Configuring System 44 Prior to the first launch of the app, tap the Settings icon on the iPad Home Screen. Tap the System 44 link from the Settings menu. In the SAM URL field, enter the host ID. The host ID is the number that starts with h1 followed by eight digits in the SAM Server URL: • SAM Server URL: • Host ID: h100000000 SAM Server URL information is also available from the district SAM administrator. Press the Home button to return to the iPad Home Screen. Tap the app to open it and move to the program’s login screen. Mobile Device Functionality Most programs functions identically on a workstation or mobile device, with the exception that users tap buttons and links on the user interface, rather than use a mouse or pointer as they do on workstations. Guided Access Guided Access is an iOS function that allows users to modify their device settings. Teachers and administrators may use Guided Access to control which iPad functions and buttons are enabled or disabled for student use. This may be useful for teachers with young students who may accidentally tap the iPad Home button during interactions with the Screener or Software. For more information on accessing and using Guided Access, see the iPad User Guide available at