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Curriculum Update

Dear Families,


This week in math our class will begin work on two week division unit. Within this unit, the students will learn how to break down increasingly large numbers using the division strategy of partial quotients.


Partial Quotients will be new to most students in grade 5. Up to this point division has been exposed to all students. Further work in division requires that the students build on their multiplication skills and fully understand the function of the division process.

Students will be asked to use the partial quotient method in both classwork as well as homework. This method is different than the standard algorithm (long division) that most of us adults are familiar with. Long division will be exposed to your child toward the end of our unit, but it is not expected to be taught to mastery until the end of grade 6.


Because of this, I am providing several “parent helper” means for you to practice at home. Please have your child use only the partial quotients method at home. Practicing both methods can become extremely confusing to a student.


1. At the bottom of this webpage, I have a folders that say “Tips for Parents” and “Anchor Charts”. In these folders you will find information about partial quotients to use as a guide to help your child at home.


2. Below I have listed several videos that may better help understand the partial quotients method.

Should you have any questions about partial quotients, as always feel free to contact me.