• 5 Dolphins HR

    Instructor: Fusaro, P.


  • Wednesday 3-15-17

    Wednesday 3-15-17   Homework: Finish 5.1 Bag Investigation Follow-up Questions Follow link to 5.1 Bag Investigation Work sheet: https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1T_ITKojCnvsg4HdjIP6jAOaDJdAzvrpn4yfnx-EKnxQ/edit?usp=sharing   Warm-up: Define conserve using text glossary.   Agenda: Review conserve Read Chemical Reaction/Change information sheet Review important concepts and facts from Chemical Reaction/Change information sheet Begin 5.1 Bag Investigation Follow-up Questions   5.1 Bag Investigation Follow Up 1.Define conservation of mass- 2.Describe the steps to the 5.1 Bag Investigation. 3.Describe what was observed in... Bag #1 Bag #3 4. Did you observe a chemical reaction during 5.1 Bag Investigation? Explain/What was your evidence? 5.Describe some problems with the 5.1 Bag Investigation. 6.How might we improve or fix the problems in the  5.1 Bag Investigation? 7.According to the concept conservation of mass, what should the mass of each bag have been? ~Circle one: Same Mass       More Mass         Less Mass   Explain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Tuesday 3-14-17 Snow…

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