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    Instructor: Warila, R.


  • English Quiz on Point of View

    Tuesday, April 13th English quiz on Point of View (POV). Students have a POV anchor chart  to use as a study guide. Mrs. Scheibl has games for point of view on her web page. Go to her class page, then scroll down to web page, next click on games and the first three games listed are for POV.

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  • Math Quiz Multiplying Fractions

    Wednesday, April 12th Math Quiz on multiplying unit and non-unit fractions. Students will be given a study guide.

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  • Social Studies Open Notebook Assessment 3rd Quarter

    Students will be having their open notebook assessment for the 3rd quarter on Thursday, April 6th.  Students are reminded each class period to make sure their notebooks are complete and up to date. Mrs. Dodge is available during lunch or recess blocks or after school next week on Tuesday and Wednesday to allow children to update their notebooks.

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  • Math Test Monday, March 27th

    Math Test: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Monday, March 27th  Students were given a study guide on Monday, March 20th.  Students were also given an extra credit assignment of completing pages 15-16 and 30-32 to reinforce their understanding of the material. 

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  • Blood on the River Quiz

    Blood on the River Quiz Tuesday, March 28th Students should review their notebooks and information in their Blood on the River folder. Some students were given a character guide with descriptions of key characters. Mrs. Dodge also has a Kahoot game on her class page that students can use to review the chapters.

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  • Wordly Wise Lesson 5

    Wordly Wise Lesson 5: Packet due Tuesday, March 14th Wordly Wise Lesson 5: Test on Wednesday, March 15th

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  • Extra Support

    I have been staying after on Mondays for extra support. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to stay.   

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  • Explorers Quiz

    Explorers quiz on Tuesday, February 14th. Students can review their notebooks and they can go on the two Quizlets (European Explorers and Explorer Vocabulary) found on Mrs. Dodge's class page to help prepare for it. 

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  • Wordly Wise Lesson 4

    Wordly Wise Lesson 4: Packet due Monday, February 6th Wordly Wise Lesson 4: Test on Tuesday, February 7th

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  • Wordly Wise Lesson 3

    Quiz for Wordly Wise Lesson 3 will be Wednesday, January11th. 

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  • Math Quiz

    Math Quiz on Division Vocabulary Thursday, January 12th. Quizlet for these terms can be found under my links.  

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  • Science Quiz

    Science Assessment on Mixtures and Solutions Thursday, 12/22. Students should be reviewing the vocabulary in their lab books. They will be given a study guide to review the material as well. 

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  • Multiplication Practice

    It is strongly recommended that students practice their multiplication facts daily and over the winter break. They will continue to work on multi-digit multiplication problems and will then be moving onto division problems after the break. A solid foundation for their facts would benefit them in solving these types of problems. 

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  • Math Test

    Math Test Module 1 Topic C Rounding Decimals: Wednesday 12/21. Review guide was given to students to help prepare for Test

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  • Math Quiz

    Math Quiz Module 1 Lessons 1- 4 on Wednesday 11/30. Review guide given to students to help prepare for the quiz.   

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