• Kindergarten Rm 11

    Instructor: Bunte, M.

    Welcome to Kindergarten at State Street School.   I am excited to embark together on the journey that begins your child’s kindergarten experience. My goal is to focus on your child’s social and emotional wellbeing as we strive to achieve the Common Core State Standards in reading, writing and math.  I look forward to working closely with you and your child. Together I hope to foster your child’s love of learning. 

    If you need to contact me, please feel free to send an email mbunte@westerly.k12.ri.us or call State Street School at 401-348-2340.  


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    Remind Interactions Week of 1/16--1/20

    Remind Interactions from week of January 16, 2017—January 20, 2016       Monday January 16, 2017:  No School Tuesday January 17, 2017   No message. L Wednesday January 18, 2017:  Today in writing, we read the book Friends. We had to write about a friend and tell the things we like to do together. Ask your child who and what they wrote about. Thursday January 19, 2017 See if your child can identify these words: yes         it         is         go          like          no my        will        me        see        the         are         am        we   Friday January 20, 2017:   We are learning about addition. They love this addition song:   http://bit.ly/2jTWciQ   Have your child use 2 different objects, (ex: pennies and cotton balls) to show a set of 5 and a set of 3. Then ask to combine the two sets to determine how many in…

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    We are a PEANUT FREE CLASSROOM!!! We will have a daily snack.  Please remember all snacks must be peanut/tree nut free.  Please be vigilant and read labels before packing a snack for your child.

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    Second Quater Expectations

    Second Quarter Expectations Quarter Ends 1/30/17   Mathematics:    I Can Use Numbers to Help Me Understand Math I can count to 50 by ones (K.CC.1) I can count forward starting at a given number. (K.CC.2) I can write numbers from 0 to 5 (K.CC.3) I can understand that the last object counted tells the number of objects in a group. (K.CC.4b) I can understand that the number of objects in a group can be rearranged and the total number will be the same. (K.CC.4b) I can count to tell how many. (K.CC.5) I can count to tell how many. (lines, circles, arrays and scattered arrangements) (K.CC.5) I can tell if a group of objects in one group is greater than, less than or equal to a group of objects in another group. (K.CC.6)   I Can Use Addition to Help Me Understand Math I can use objects, fingers and pictures to help me show addition. (K.OA.1) I can solve addition word problems within 10 by using objects or drawings to represent the problem. (K.OA.2) I can take apart numbers less than or equal to 10. (5 = 2 + 3) (K.OA.3)    English Language Arts:   I Can Read Fiction with Help    I can tell who, what, where, when, why and how after listening to stories. (RL.K.1) I can retell a story. (RL.K.2) I can tell the characters, setting and what happens in a story. (RL.K.3)   I Can Understand Fiction   I can ask and answer questions about new words in a story. (RL.K.4) I can recognize common types of text. (RL.K.5) I can tell who the author and illustrator are. I can tell what their jobs are. (RL.K.6) I can use the illustrations help to tell the story. (RL.K.7) I Can Use What I Know To Understand Fiction with Help   I can use the illustrations help to tell the story. (RL.K.7)   I Can Use Phonics Skills to Help Me Read I Can Use Basic Text Features to Help Me (read left to right, read top to bottom, spaces between words) (Read RF.K.1a-c)  I Can Recognize and Name All Upper- and Lowercase

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    SHARK Behaviors

    We are the State Street School Sharks!! Safe  Honest  Assertive Responsible  Kind                          PLEASE SEE OUR SHARK RULES                         IN THE FILES BELOW                              

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  • All About Being 5 and 6 Years Old
    This folder provides information regarding the growth and development of 5 and 6 year old children.
    This folder provides home/school connection letters that explain the lessons for each week.
    Literacy Power Point Activities
    This folder provides power point activities that reinforce letters, sound, CVC word tap out, and kindergarten word wall words.
    This folder provides information designed to help you support your child as a mathematician. It includes math logs, a suggestions list and so much more.
    Math Parent Newsletters
    In this folder are math newsletters that support each of the Common Core Standards.
    Orientation Information
    This folder provides information that was shared during orientation. It will help ensure you and your child have a successful kindergarten experience.
    Reading (ELA)
    This folder provides information designed to help foster your child’s love of reading. It includes reading logs, a list of sight words and so much more.
    Remind Interactions
    In this folder provides information to help you understand the kindergarten writer.
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  • Mrs. Bunte      


    We will have a morning snack daily.  Please
    remember all snacks must be peanut/tree
    nut free.  Please be vigilant and read labels
    before packing a snack for your child.

    Special Schedule
    Monday ….. gym    
    Tuesday ….. gym  
    Wednesday ….. library
    Thursday …..music



  • Bunte, Marcy

    Business: 401348-2340
    Email: mbunte@westerly.k12.ri.us
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments. I welcome the dialogue.