• Kindergarten Rm 10

    Instructor: Troupe, S.

    Hello families!

    Welcome to State Street School and to Kindergarten in Room 10!  I am thrilled to work as a team with you to enrich and encourage your child's learning!  My belief is that the academic curriculum (reading, writing, math etc.) is as important as the social curriculum (working together, taking initiative etc).

    The most important part of kindergarten will be nurturing our work habits, time on task and interpersonal skills.  These social and emotional skills will set the tone for your child's educational journey! Our academics will focus on the Common Core State Standards.  Look for documents on my page to assist you in understanding these areas of our curriculum.  

    Please feel free to contact me for whatever questions of concerns you may have.  I can be reached the following ways...
    State Street School 401-348-2340
    email... stroupe@westerly.k12.ri.us 
    Join our class on the Remind app @mrstroupe2
    or send in a note with your child!

    I look forward to a rewarding, successful and exciting year!
    Stephanie Troupe



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    All about your STAR folder

    Bring my folder home each night and return it to school each day. Keep my READO and MATHO logs in my folder. Keep information in the inner permanent pockets (behavior, math and reading tips) Share what is in my folder with my family nightly

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    State Street School S.H.A.R.K.

    At State Street School, our mascot is a Shark!! Here is our positive behavior plan centered around 5 core values.  We are using the word SHARK as an acronyn... Safe Honest Assertive Responsible Kind

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    Star Folders

    This STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) folder will travel between home and school daily.  Papers are sent home daily if needed with the majority sent home on Friday.  Please be sure to look through this folder daily and return items that need your attention. Also take out any papers that are yours to keep.    Dismissal forms are always in the back outer pocket for any changes to…

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    Come Read With Us On Goodreads!

    Hello Families! You have been invited to join our bookshelf…Goodreads…online to follow which books we are reading in class!  On this site, we list books we have read. We give the book a rating (1-5) and write a comment or two about the books! This is where our book rating in our STAR folders came from! We know that good readers don’t always love every book they read.  My ultimate goal is to instill a LOVE of reading in your children. My hope is that you join Goodreads, follow our reading and leave notes on our wall. Look at it with your children too. They love adding their comments and ratings to our online “Bookshelf.”  Let me know if you would like more information. Looking for our shelf? Go to… http://www.goodreads.com/ and search for “Mrs. Stephanie Troupe.” Happy Reading!!!                            Mrs.…

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    Share Bag Directions

    The weekly topics will also be listed on the Remind app. Share bags help us with speaking and sharing with others to listening and learning from others. All items must fit into the share bag.  If you are searching for a sound, be sure at least one of the items begins with that letter sound.  The share bag should be returned on the first day of the week (usually Monday). It will be sent home as soon as it is…

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    Change of Clothes

    Please send in a change of clothes (shirt, shorts, underwear, socks) in a labeled plastic bag to stay in their cubbies until needed. As the weather changes, I will send home their extra clothing for warmer clothes.

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  • Monday - MUSIC with Mr. Johnson

    Tuesday -  LIBRARY with Miss Grant

    Wednesday - GYM with Mr. Luzzi

    Thursday - ART with Mrs. Lonergan

    Friday - GYM with Mr. Luzzi
    EXTRA special every week...  
    health with Mrs. Zigelmeyer (Mrs. Z); OR FLESS (Spanish)