• First Grade Rm 20

    Instructor: Costa, C.

    Welcome to Room 20! First Grade is very busy and I feel home-school communication is very important. Please feel free to contact me any time:
    * Email: ccosta@westerly.k12.ri.us
    * State Street School: 348-2340
    * Send in a note in your child's Star Folder.
    * Use the "Remind" app as this is the fastest way to reach me during the school day. I can reply almost instantly. I can also reach you to give a "class shout out" to let you know what is happening at the moment in first grade.


Grade 1

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome back! It's a brand new year. 2016 will be very busy and the pace of first grade will start moving rather quickly. The children will be working very hard. The daily routine in first grade will be followed so that we can get the most of our school day.  I would love to have parents come in to read to the class. We can set up a time around your schedule. Having parents in the classroom is exciting. Let me know if this would work for you. You can email me or send me a message on the "Remind" app. The weather is starting to change. It is warmer one day and cool the next. Please make sure your child his dressed appropriately as they will go out for recess in the morning and at lunch time. An extra sweatshirt, hat and mittens in the backpack is a good thing. Thanks for your…

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  • Our Fundation's Curriculum Looks Like:

    Unit 1 Letter/Keyword/Sounds Chart we will use daily. Have your student practice what we do at home for you. Unit 1-Letter/Keyword Sounds Unit 2-Cvc words Unit 3-Digraphs Unit 4-Bonus Letters Unit 5-Glued Sounds Unit 6-Suffix /s/ In unit 6, the students will learn about a baseword and a suffix. We are just adding the suffix "s" to the end of a word at this point in first grade. They will learn that when you add "s" to the end of a word, that the "s" sometimes makes an /s/ or /z/ sound. The words we use should be easily spelled or tapped out if necessary first, then we add the suffix. Finally they will learn to underline the baseword and circle the suffix as the correct way to mark it up in Fundations . Unit 7-Glued Sounds Unit 8- Blends/R controlled Vowels Unit 9-Open/Closed Syllables/Vowel Teams Unit 10-Segmenting 5 Sounds/Suffixes /ed/ and /ing/ and Vowel Teams Unit 11- Vce Syllable/Long Vowel Sounds Unit 12-Multisyllabic Words Unit 13-Adding Suffixes /es/ to Multisyllabic Words Unit…

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  • Math

    Our unit in math at this point is: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Students will need to be able to : Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction. Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction. Add and subtract within 20. Work with addition and subtraction equations

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  • Writing:

    In grade 1,  we use the Being A Writer  writing curriculum. The students will learn how to write following a scope and sequence that will incorporate what they need to write at grade level. The scope and sequence is as follows: 1. Establishing A Writing Community 2. Gettings Ideas-  The students are generating writing ideas from their own lives. We  share our ideas at the rug first to help ease the writing process for those who have a hard time getting started with their writing. Many can just hear the topic, discuss it, and write with detail. The students also share their writing often with a partner. This helps with reading their own writing, editing their own work, and sharing ideas with one another. 3. Telling More- This is our next unit. We will start this unit within the next 2 weeks. Students will learn to tell more  and add it to their writing. They will begin to use proper nouns. They will listen carefully to their partners and share what their partner said during group discussions. They will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about one's writing.  4. All bout Me 5. Writing Nonfiction 6. Exploring Words Through Poetry 7. Opinion Writing 8 .Revisiting The Writing…

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  • OUR CLASS SPECIALS For the Week Are:

    Our Class Specials:  1:50 - 2:30 - Monday-  Library-with Ms. Grant All library books need to be returned in order to get a new book each week.  1:50 - 2:30 - Tuesday- Physical Education with Mr. Luzzi ​​Sneakers must be worn in order to particpate. 1:50 - 2:30 - Wednesday - Music with Mr. Johnson                                                   ​                                   - Health Class  Thursday- Physical Education Friday- Art with Mrs. Lonergan ​​Sometimes Art can be messy so please dress your child…

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