• First Grade Rm 6

    Instructor: Hoffmann, M.


  • Share Assembly

    Next Wednesday is our first Share Assembly, at 9:30 a.m. Our First Grade Can Do Kids will be featured! We hope you will be able to attend, as it will be a great photo opportunity!

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  • Field Trip Reminder

    Our field trip is next Tuesday, so this is a gentle reminder to parents to return your child's field trip permission forms. (1) We need a completed form to know whether your child will bring a lunch from home or order a lunch from the cafeteria, and (2) we need to have your emergency and medical contact information filled out on page 2 of the form sent home. Thanks for your timely response!

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    Our school nurse, Ms. Kimberly Plante, has reminded us that we do not do class or school-wide checks for head lice, and each case is kept confidential. Please see the website for information on our District Lice Policy by the R.I. Dept. of Health below: http://www.health.ri.gov/publications/protocols/HeadLice.pdf Ms. Plante encourages prevention, and has referred us to the CDC website…

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  • First Field Trip

    The First Grade teachers are in the process of planning our first field trip to a Westerly Land Trust site. Our tentative date is Tuesday, November 1, 2016; however we are awaiting final confirmation. We wanted to give you some advance notice so that you have time to get a current background check completed prior to the field trip if you want to chaperone. As you know, all chaperones must have a current background check completed in order to participate in any field trip event. Information regarding background checks can be obtained on the Westerly Public Schools webpage or in the main office at Springbrook school. Thanks for your consideration and we hope that you can join…

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    To prepare for the Fundations Unit 2 test, practice the Trick Words, Unit Words, and Unit Sentences below for homework. Unit 2 Trick Words: the, a, and, is, his, of   Unit 2 words focus on 3-sound words with a short vowel.    Unit 2 Words: hit, fix, zap, mud, quit, yes, lug, nap, beg, rob, sad, sat, sap, mad, map, mat, rag, rap, rat, nag, Nat, lad, lag, lap, sip, sit, rip, rig, lip, lit, fit, fig, nip, mop, not, nod, rug, rut, mug, nut, set, net, met, Meg, leg, let, sob, sub, mop, map, tap, tab, tub, rub, led, lad, bad, bud, bug, rug, dig, dip, zip, zap, tax, wet, bet, bit, fit, fig, fog, rib, sob, job, cop, dot, lid, Ted, lap, web, not, ten, bed, at, hip, peg, had, pen, bat, hit, pet, bus, bun, bib, red, jab, kid, nod, but, cup, mix, pot, Ben, pat, Jim, tin.   Unit 2 Sentences: The bug is in the pot.  His dog and pup had fun. A cat hid in his box. His gum is in the bag. Rob bit the fig. Mom had a sip of pop. Deb met time and Tom. Jim had a bad cut. Meg had a red hat. The wax is hot. Max is his dog. The wig is on Viv. The fox is in his pen. Tom had a quiz. Mom and Pat got on the bus. Did Kim zig and zag? Dad got a box of…

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  • Handwriting Practice

    Please have your child use his/her Fundations handwriting packet to practice the correct letter formation of all the letters.

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  • A Helpful Resource for Reading and Writing Homework

    Use these letter-sound keyword cards to remind you how to tap out a word to read it or write it!

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  • Can-Do Kid Superheroes!

    Here's what you've all been waiting for--those adorable (and hilarious) Superhero photos we took the first week of First Grade. Please scroll down to the "files" section below and open the folder with everyone's pictures. Enjoy our super-cute superheroes! 

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  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

    Welcome to the new school year! I'm over the moon to have your child in my class this year! Please check in throughout the year to view this page for announcements and updates on what is happening in Room 6. I hope you also access the resources that will be listed and find them beneficial to you as your child's first and most important teacher.

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  • Open House

    What a treat to have so many families visit our classroom during Open House! I loved meeting you all, and the kiddos loved showing you their superpowers!

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  • Class DOJO

    Our class DOJO has been up and running during the month of September with many interesting Avatars designed by our "Can-Do Kid Superheroes"! Please take a moment each day to praise and celebrate your child's successes in earning their positive feedback recognition for meeting classroom expectations during the day. The Class Dojo is available to all who choose to participate so that you can feel that you are "in the loop" with regards to how your child is doing each day; this is a way for me to communicate with each parent every day, all day long. I hope you find it helpful, and I hope that it inspires dialogue at home so that you can reinforce your child's strengths as well as help problem-solve in areas that need improvement. This is a team effort, both at school and at home, to help nurture your child's ability to grow as a…

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  • First Grade Curriculum for Quarter 1

    Math Unit 1.1.1   Introduction to Place Value and Comparing Numbers to 30 Unit 1.1.2   Understanding, Representing and solving Addition & subtraction Within 10 Reading Workshop Unit 1.1   Establishing a community of Readers and Writers Unit 1.2   Elements of Fiction Writing Workshop (Being a Writer) Unit 1   The Writing Community Unit 2   Getting Ideas Science Air & Weather science kit Phonics (Fundations) Unit 1   Letter formation and Letter Sounds/Keywords Unit 2   CVC words (words with 3 sounds that have a short vowel between 2 consonants) Unit 3   Digraphs (2 letters that go together to make 1 sound, such as wh, th, sh, ch, ck,…

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  • Important Reminders

    Remember to send your child to school with: a healthy snack daily a water bottle with fresh, plain water daily his or her orange home-School Communication folder daily sneakers on P.E. days library books on Library days Thanks a bunch!  

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  • First Grade Homework

    First Graders will receive a monthly Homework Calendar and monthly Homework Journal. The Calendar describes the nightly homework tasks that are assigned, and the Journal includes a Reading Log to record your nightly reading along with other resources needed to complete the homework assignments. Please keep your child's homework folder at home and return it to school on the last school day of the month. It is important that note that our Homework assignments adhere to the Homework Policy adopted by the Westerly School Committee, as described in the 2016-2017 Student Handbook: Westerly Public Schools Grades Pre-K-4 Student Expectation Handbook 2016-2017, pages 15-16: How to Be a Homework Helper Tips for Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers© Children who do homework regularly are more likely to succeed in school. The following describes ways for you to support and encourage your child to accept homework as a fact of life and get it done!  1. Communicate your belief that homework is an important part of learning. When you show that you're serious about homework, your child will take it more seriously. 2. Guidelines for homework: · For children in the primary grades (K-3): average of 15-30 minutes; · For children in the upper elementary grades (grade 4): average of 45 minutes; · Also, an additional 20 minutes of reading or being read to. 3. Work with your child to establish a homework schedule and do your part to honor it. 4. Provide a place where your child can work. It should be comfortable, adequately lit and free from distractions. Give your child some choices. If she wants to listen to soft instrumental music, sit on the floor or work in low light, that's okay-as long as she works for the expected amount of time and keeps up with the teacher's expectations. If these conditions are not met, she should do her homework at a table or desk in a quiet place until her work improves. When favorable reports start coming home from the teacher, let your child m

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  • Birthday Policy

    Our school has a policy about birthdays that protects our kiddos from having hurt feelings when it comes to birthday party invitations. Only send invitations to school to be passed out if everyone in the class is invited. The only exceptions are if a girl invites only the girls in the class or if a boy invites only the boys in our class. Thank you for your consideration.  Names of our classmates are:  Girls                                                                Gracie                                                             Paige                                                               Gemma                                                            McKenzie                                                         Mia                                                                  Heidy                                                              Lydia                                                               Ashlyn                                                             Janice                                                              Boys Caleb                                                                       Mason David R. Bentley Juan Everett Christian Luis David…

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  • November Sharing Asssembly
    Our Can-Do Kids have music superpowers! We sang two Spanish songs at our sharing Assembly today. Don't we look smart and adorable?
    We are Can-Do Kid Superheroes!
    Our superhero photos are just way too cute not to share with our families! We hope you enjoy these photos (and poses! HA!) and continue to notice how many superpowers we nurture and develop throughout the year!