• Stop Bullying


    Anti-Bullying Reporting Protocols and Resources:

    At Westerly Public Schools, we believe a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to his or her capacity for learning and social development.  Westerly Public Schools believes that preventing bullying, harassment, dating violence and/or sexual violence is critical for creating and maintaining a safe, secure and positive school climate and culture, which in turn supports academic achievement, increases school engagement, respects the rights of all individuals and groups and purposefully builds community. 

    Currently, Westerly Public Schools has procedures in place for reporting bullying and dealing with offenders. These procedures largely call on students to approach a trusted adult and describe the incident in detail. It is our belief that bullying goes unreported because students may not be comfortable reporting incidents to school personnel. 

    In our on-going effort to maintain a safe learning environment for all of our students, Westerly Public Schools has developed three new reporting mechanisms to report bullying.  We encourage students and families to utilize these resources to report behavior which may indicate an incident of bullying.  School personnel will investigate each incident that is reported and respond accordingly. 

    Please note:  These reports can be made anonymously.

    Bullying On-Line Reporting Form:

    Click here for the On-Line form. (Westerly High School)

    Click here for the On-Line form. (Westerly Middle School)

    STOP! boxes: 

    At WHS, STOP! boxes will be located outside of the Cafeteria, the Guidance Office, and the Library.
    At WMS, a STOP! box will be located across from the main entrance to the Library.

    Rachel's Challenge Staff Presentation:

    Click on the link below to view the presentation from Mr. Joe Coles on Rachel's Challenge.

    Staff Presentation 

    We truly appreciate the sponsorship by Westerly Education Endowment Fund (WEEF) that brought Mr. Coles and his presentation to our learning community. This is one of a continued series of events and strategies the district is using to enhance the learning environment of children.


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