• Library Gr K Rm112

    Instructor: Doyle, A.

    Students in Dunn's Corners Library Strive to be Good Citizens by
    Being Responsible
    Being Respectful
    Being Safe



  • Ahoy Matey

    Kindergarten students will finish up the school year learning about pirates.  We will explore fiction and non fiction text throughout the months of May and June.  The unit will culminate in a class treasure hunt, where students will find a treasure chest filled with books.... Always Remember Books are a Treasure!

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  • Dunn's Corners Library is on Twitter

    Follow me on twitter for library news.  @amdoyle1974 #dunnslibrary

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  • Fairy Tales

    Kindergarten students will be looking closely at Fairy Tales.  What features will we find in every fairy tale?  We will focus on elements such as good and evil characters, beginning and endings and magical elements.  We'll look at some popular tales as well as introduce them to several classics they may be unfamiliar with.  

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  • Fiction vs Non Fiction

    Kindergarten students will be working to identify library books that we read as fiction or non fiction.  We will be reading a variety of Fall themed books both fiction and non fiction.  Have your child tell you if they thing their bedtime book is a fiction or a non fiction book and why.  

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  • Hour of Code

    This week in library students will be participating in The Hour of Code.  A nationwide progam that encourages students to learn about computer coding.  The students will be learning the  basics of computer coding in a fun and engaging way.  This year the Hour of Code has partnered with Disney and their new movie Moana.  If you would like more information go…

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  • Inter Library Loan

    Dunn's Corners School participates in Inter Library Loan and can receive materials from various libraries around the state to learn more click on the following link http://guides.rilink.org/ILL/RILINKpolicy#s-lg-box-wrapper-11146776

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  • Kicking Off a New School Year

    Our Kindergarten students begin their journey in the library with the story, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  Chester Raccoon and his mother are the focus of this story about entering school for the first time.  We will learn our special library song, have our picture taken for our shelf markers, and learn our way around the library.  Responsible Kindergarten students will choose one book each week.  Students who do not return their library book will bring home a reminder notice.  Please help your student return library books on time.  We will also be reading a wonderful book Freddy and Frito and the Clubhouse which reinforces the importance of school rules.  We will be discussing the 3Bs and modeling what they look like in they look in library.   Some of our curricular goals throughout the year include the following:      Parts of a Book      Fiction vs Non Fiction      Components of Nursery Rhymes      Sequencing of Story - Retell      Components of Fairy Tales      Introduction to the Sections of the Library If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at…

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  • Kindergarten Battle of the Books

    Get Ready to Read Kindergarten.  This month we have challenged the kindergarten students to a Battle of the Books.  Each night students will be send home with a Battle of the Books title that should be read out loud to your child.  Check off the title on your child's folder once you have read it and send it back in to school the next day to receive a new Battle title.  Students will be working to read all 20 titles and 5 of their own choosing. Happy Reading!!…

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  • Summer Reading Program at Westerly Public Library

      Summer Reading: The research is clear that children who don't read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect. The long, lazy days of summer offer kids lots of opportunities to discover new interests, new books and the pure pleasure of reading just for fun. Summer is also a great time for hands-on explorations that connect kids to what they're reading — that helps build background knowledge and ensures that children are ready for the challenges of the new school year. Please be sure to sign up for the summer reading program at the Westerly Public Library.  Have a fun and relaxing…

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