• Kindergarten Music DCS

    Instructor: Boisclair, B.

    In Music we will create a safe environment for children to express themselves musically.  Performance in singing and instrumental playing is a cornerstone throughout every class.  

    Kindergartners work on healthy singing habits, steady beat, and introduction to simple music notation. 


  • Musical Happenings!

    Kindergarteners have been doing a lot of movement to music in class.  We had fun doing a circle dance with “Bow Wow Wow”.  We’ve also been studying the form of several pieces of Classical music through specific movements.  We will continue to practice our rhythm reading with “Button You Must Wander”.  Students were introduced to this tune through a fun singing game this past week.  Ask them to teach you the…

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  • Winter Music

    1/4/16 Kindergartners are continuing to develop rhythm reading skills.  We have just been introduced to the tunes “Peas Porridge Hot” and “Johnny Caught a Flea”.  Both of these tunes include rests (beats of silence) which are new to K Music.  We will say, clap, and play rhythm patterns on classroom percussion instruments such as drums, tambourines, and rhythm sticks.  

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  • Fall Music

    Kindergartners have played singing games with the tunes "Lucy Lockett" and "Wolf-We are Dancing".  We are working hard to consistently match pitch with our voices.  We will use the tunes to also begin to introduce rhythm notation.  Kindergartners will be working a lot with Quarter Notes (Ta) and paired Eighth Notes (Ti-Ti).  ask you child to draw Ta and Ti-Ti at home!  Also ask your child to sing at…

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  • What's Goin' On!

    10/12/16  Kindergartners are having a time in music so far!  We've been exploring with our voices, gently moving high and low. K students have practiced keeping a steady beat with egg shakers while chanting "Engine #9".  We've played circle games for "Bee,Bee" and "Apple Tree". Circle games give us the opportunity to practice a tune repeatedly while having some fun!  During October we will be singing one of my favorite songs "Five Hoot Owls!"  Ask your child to sing for…

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  • Welcome!

    9/8/16 Welcome to Kindergarten Music!  Students in Kindergarten will explore with their singing voice, learning how to sing in a gentle voice and match pitch.  We will play a variety of singing games to give students a safe place to explore with their voice.  Students will practice maintaining a steady beat on a variety of classroom percussion instruments (ie. egg shakers, rhythm sticks).  Kindergartners will be introduced to some basic notation to begin music literacy.  Kindergartners will also begin to build listening skills by identifying form in music.   Please do not hesitate to contact myself with any…

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  • Music Sheets
    Students use these pictures to practice rhythmic and melodic reading