• Grade 2 Music DCS

    Instructor: Boisclair, B.

    In Music we will create a safe environment for children to express themselves musically.  Performance in singing and instrumental playing is a cornerstone throughout every class.  

    Second graders work on healthy singing habits, singing with expression, xylophone playing, and notation identification.  


  • Musical Happenings!

    Second graders have done some great xylophone playing with “Here Comes a Bluebird” and “Hot Cross Buns”.  We are singing our solfege (do, re, mi etc.) syllables as we play to practice our pitch matching.  We also started working on singing “I’ll Be Working on the Railroad”. 

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  • Winter Music

    1/4/16 Second graders have enjoyed singing “Old Dan Tucker”.  This past class we recorded our performance and listened back to evaluate it.  We have also begun singing another humorous folk tune “Old Joe Clark”.  Second graders have had the opportunity to improvise rhythm patterns on the xylophone with the tune “Let Us Chase the Squirrel”.  

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  • Fall Music

    Second graders have enjoyed the circle dance for "Great Big House in New Orleans".  We also practiced some rhythm reading with this song.  Second graders have enjoyed echo-singing "I Met a Bear".  Students will be practicing the songs "A Ram Sam Sam" and "Let Us Chase the Squirrel".  We will create a percussion arrangement for "A Ram Sam Sam", and we might even try singing it as a round.  "Let Us Chase the Squirrel" will lead us into some xylophone playing and maybe even some…

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  • What's Goin' On!

    10/12/16 Second graders have had fun with our warm-up songs "Rattlin' Bog" and "Green Grass Grows".  We have compared and contrasted these two similar songs.  Ask your child which they prefer!  Students have practiced rhythm reading with "Tideo" and our "Alligator Chant".  We've also moved our bodies to echo rhythm patterns we hear.  Second graders will be working on adding percussion playing to a song called "Pass the Pumpkin" next week.…

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  • Welcome!

    9/8/16 Welcome to Second Grade Music!  Students in grade 2 will continue to stretch out their singing voices, always trying to achieve a gentle sound in a healthy way.  Second graders will be working with a lot of rhythmic notation (ie. quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes....)  Through our songs and rhythm chants, there will be opportunities to practice playing these rhythms on a variety of classroom percussion instruments.  We do a lot of rhythm work in preparation for third grade recorder playing.  Second graders also continue learning solfege (do,re,mi,fa,sol...).  Solfege helps students match pitch with their singing voice and includes hand signs that reflect pitches moving high and low.  Second graders will focus primarily on the notes, do, re,mi, sol, and la.  We will practice playing familiar melodies on xylophones.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself with any questions/concerns.…

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