• Grade 1 Music DCS

    Instructor: Boisclair, B.

    In Music we will create a safe environment for children to express themselves musically.  Performance in singing and instrumental playing is a cornerstone throughout every class.  

    First Graders work on healthy singing habits, steady beat, performance of simple rhythm patterns, and composing simple rhythm patterns. 


  • Musical Happenings!

    First graders are also doing some movement to music.  We practiced specific movements to the piece “Aquarium”.  This past week, students were given the opportunity to create their own movements that reflect dynamics, tempo, and pitch.  First graders have been practicing some rhythm reading with the tune “Hold My Mule”.  Ask them to sing it for you!

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  • Winter Music

    1/4/16 First graders are creating their own four beat rhythm patterns.  With a partner, students have practiced charting out a four beat rhythm using popsicle sticks.  Partners check each other’s work and listen to each other clap each pattern.  First graders will be practicing melodic patterns on the xylophone with “Johnny Caught a Flea” and “Billy Billy”.

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  • Fall Music

    First graders will revisit the tune "Wolf-We Are Dancing" and practice playing the melody on xylophones.  We also will practice singing the melody using solfege pitches sol, la and mi.  Singing with solfege helps us consistently match pitch with our voices.  First graders have enjoyed echo-singing "I Met a Bear".  We have also played a circle game with "Here Comes a Bluebird".  Ask your child to sing these songs at…

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  • What's Goin' On!

    10/12/16 First graders had fun singing "Hole in the Middle of the Sea", a cumulative tune that keeps adding pieces as we sing!  We will be using "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain" as a warm-up tune for the next couple of weeks. We've had a good time with the circle game for "Bell Horses", and will be practicing rhythm reading using that song.  First graders will also practice some rhythm reading with the song "Ducks in the Millpond".  Next week we will be singing "Five Hoot Owls" and practicing a rhythm chant "Miss White".…

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  • Welcome!

    9/8/16 Welcome to First Grade Music!  First graders will continue to explore with their singing voices, building on the skills we learned in Kindergarten.  Students will be encouraged to sing in a gentle, healthy voice.  We will be doing a lot of work with solfege (do, re, mi, fa, sol...).  First graders focus on the notes "sol", "mi" and "la".  Solfege helps students more accurately match pitch with their voice.  The notes we learn also have accompanying hand signs that help students visualize the pitch moving higher and lower.  Check out the file at the bottom of the page that shows the hand signs! Please do not hesitate to contact myself with any questions/concerns.…

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  • Music Sheets
    Students use these pictures to practice rhythmic and melodic reading