• DC Grade 3

    Instructor: Wagner, D.




    THE RECORDER CHALLENGE The students are excited to be learning to play the recorder in music classes.  Students should be encouraged to practice at home for a few minutes each day.  We have spoken a lot about responsible use of their instrument.  Your child should be able to demonstrate proper playing, with a gentle breath.  Do you know about the recorder challenge?  Students can earn different color strings for each of 10 songs. Students start with "Hot Cross Buns" for white and "Merrily" for yellow.  When tested, students must try to play with little hesitation and clear notes.  The recorder challenge is very popular and each year many students earn all ten colors.  Please ask your child about the colors they have earned and about their personal…

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  • October/November

    During the months of October and November students will be exploring expressive qualities in music.  Students will have opportunities to use singing, instruments playing, dynamics levels (loud/soft), sound effects, legato (long connected notes), staccato (short notes) to create unique performances.  Students will explore how these elements can be combined to tell the story of the song.  Many students make connections with the music and sound effects used in movies and TV shows.  How would your favorite movie feel different without music and sound effect?  Does the music enhance the story being…

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  • Grade 3 Music Notes

    Students in grade 3 are working on reading in the treble clef.  Perhaps you remember learning the sentence "Every Good Boy Does Fine."  This sentence helps students remember the lines of the treble staff E G B D F.  The names of the spaces on the treble staff spell the word face. FACE.  Students need lots of practice so that they will be able to play simple melodies on recorder.

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