• DC Grade 2

    Instructor: Wagner, D.



    SINGING FUN and NOTATION READING Students are working on improving their singing throughout the school year.  We have been learning to activate our sing voices through vocal exploration.  We are also doing a lot of echo singing to learn about matching pitches.  We are also playing singing games.  The student's favorite is a listening game called "Doggie, Doggie, Where's Your Bone?"  Ask your child to sing a song from music class.   Students are also doing many activities which involve simple rhythm reading and writing.  We often use the rhythm of words to connect back to music notation.  Students are learning to listen to a word pattern and see how it would be notated using eighth notes, quarter notes,and…

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  • October/November

    During the months of October and November students will be exploring expressive qualities in music.  Students will have opportunities to use singing, instruments playing, dynamics levels (loud/soft), sound effects, legato (long connected notes), staccato (short notes) to create unique performances.  Students will explore how these elements can be combined to tell the story of the song.  Many students make connections with the music and sound effects used in movies and TV shows.  How would your favorite movie feel different without music and sound effect?  Does the music enhance the story being…

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  • SES Grade 2

    Students in Grades 2 and grade 3 have been learning about the many musical symbols and terms that tell where to go in the music.  They are learning about verses and refrains, 1st and 2nd endings and the CODA or ending section.  We have been singing some wonderful songs about autumn and will be exploring some spooktacular listening selections to end the month of October.  

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