Tower Street School Community Center has been actively involving children, staff and the community in plant-based education since the spring of 2010. Our project started with the belief that students, staff and the community should have the time to be reflective of their future and to recognize and know the world around them. 

    Our certified organic garden provides fresh produce for students, families and community members that visit our farm stand.  In addition, our students acquire an appreciation for the varieties of vegetables they grow.
    As these children take their new interests and knowledge home to their families, they can potentially help to inspire the Westerly community to move toward the goals of environmental sustainability and more healthful eating.

    For more information e-mail Joan Serra or call 401-255-6467.
     Spring Has Sprung!




     Summer Learning









    Eat Your Veggies!





    Straw Bale Garden Experiment





    After the Work Day is Over...


    Construction Crews










     Using refurbished iphones, students took photos of garden activities: swallowtail butterfly on a day lily, the bean teepee, and a golden orange tomato. 


    MUD DAY - a tradition at the Community Center since 2013!



      Outdoor Classroom





    The students and staff at the after school program spent some time thinking about what they wanted in their garden.  We came up with lots of great ideas like a fish pond and fire pit, a teepee and even a zip line.  Here are a few of the students’ drawings.

    We took some of the great ideas from our sketches and integrated them into our garden classroom.  A log circle was created for a meeting area.  We also made a teepee out of bamboo that we could play in.