• Grow and Go Seek is a nature-based early childhood program designed to stimulate children’s sense of wonder with the world around them and awaken their intrinsic motivation to learn. 


    Children will explore the world around them with all of their senses and gain knowledge by hands on experiences. The curriculum will be aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Developmental standards.  The class will come up with topics they are interested in exploring as a group as well as topics they are each interested individually.  These interests will be reflected throughout the classroom and the depth of investigation and time frame will depend on the interests of the children.  Children will be encouraged to reflect and respond to their discoveries using language, writing, symbols, art, music, inventions, further questions, and drama.  Literacy, math, and science will be integrated throughout the program.

     Learning Portfolio

    Every child will have a portfolio to document their learning over the course of the year. This portfolio is confidential and will be shared only with the child’s family. Our teachers will be adding each child’s portfolio on a daily basis.   Families will have an opportunity to review their child’s portfolio in January and again in May.

    Winter Exploring


  • GrowandGoSeek@westerly.k12.ri.us