• WHS 101

    Instructor: Federico, D.

    WHS 101 is an introductory course required for all incoming freshmen at Westerly High School. The course will provide students with many of the essentials that freshmen students will need for the next 4 years. Included in this class, students will be given computer logins, email addresses, MMS portal  and passwords.  Several in-house guest speakers will be scheduled throughout the semester. These “Important People to Know at WHS” will assist in laying the foundation to a successful experience at WHS. Several times throughout the semester, Academic 101 will take place.  This period provides students the opportunity to self asses using the work habits rubric, an opportunity for teachers to review grades on MMS and discuss, and finally, an opportunity to catch up on homework or missed assignments. Specific content areas will include envisioning their future, stress, why people work, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and roadblocks and detours. Participation in class, class work and the work habits rubric are an integral part of the class.