• WHS 101

    Instructor: Delicato, R.


  • Week of 1/16 till end of the semester

    - Classes are finishing up their Way to go RI pages in the computer lab.  - Guidance will be coming into classes to discuss the program of studies and classes that are offered at WHS. They will also be coming into classes during the exam block to register students for classes for next year.  - Exam schedule has been reviewed and discussed in class with students. 

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  • Week of 11/28

    - Classes will be discussing short and long term goals and the objectives they need to meet in order to achieve these goals.  - Mrs. Sammataro will be coming into classes and talking about the community service requirement that all students must complete before graduation. All students will receive the paperwork that will need to be submitted.   

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  • Week of 10/10

    - We will be finishing up envisioning your future assignments in class. Students will be writing pargraphs about where they see themselves 5 years from now.  - Classes will discussing stress relief techniques with Jess Ferrol who is interning at WHS. We will also be discussing stress in general in class.  - Mrs. Olivera will be coming into classes discussing what Cornell note-taking is and how it can improve students ability to improve their comprehension when reading…

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  • Week of 9/19

    - This week will be reviewing the scavenger hunt that students did in class last week.  - Mrs. Sammataro will be in classes to discuss the school handbook, and any other questions students have about WHS.  - We have started discussing work habits in class and ways that students can improve their grades in high school.  - We also are reviewing the schools work habits rubric which will be 80% of their grade in WHS…

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