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  • Self Directed Learning 4/12

    Click on the following link and complete inventory  http://www.educationplanner.org/students/career-planning/find-careers/career-clusters.shtml  

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  • Out Today

    Hello Everyone, I am sorry to be out today. Please complete each assignment I have left for you and email me if you have any questions. 

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  • Welcome to Westerly High School

    Welcome to Westerly High School    I look forward to learning about you and working with you and your family to make this a great year! Our first activity is the BUCKET LIST, be sure to bring your positivity and creativity to class. Resource is a great opportunity to get organized, get extra help to complete your work and learn more about yourself! *Please be sure to take all papers home and have your parents or guardians sign and return by Friday Sept.…

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Discussion Topics

  • 2/28/17 Discussion Post

    Posted by Elizabeth Sanfilippo on 2/27/2017 5:45:00 PM
    Please watch the following video clip from CNN Student News ​http://www.cnn.com/cnn10

    hy is ISIS attacking ancient monuments?

    Post a reply to the following question with specifics from the video clip.

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