Instructor: Petrofes, M.


  • Personalized Learning in PTECH

      Students in PTECH English are using the Summit Platform as means for a Personalized Learning. Personalized learning is a way of organizing learning experiences so each student is at the center of their learning and has access to choices, feedback and support to meet their goals. Our goal is to connect students' long-term goals and aspirations to their daily decisions, actions and behaviors by empowering and equipping students to drive their learning and own their success; engaging students in meaningful, deeper learning experiences where progression is based on competency and knowledge is applied to real problems; nurturing communities of learners, where students practice and model life skills and receive rich feedback to grow and thrive.   This personalized learning program has 3 main structures that bring personalized learning to life: Project-based learning: Students build and demonstrate cognitive skills by working through rich, meaningful projects Personalized learning time/competency-based progression: Students progress at their own pace through playlists of content and take assessments on demand Mentoring: Students work with a mentor to set goals, make a plan to achieve those goals and develop Habits of Success With personalized learning, each student can emerge from their P-TECH education better prepared to succeed in their career and life in the 21st century. In P-TECH ELA, students will read informational texts as well as a variety of literary works (including stories, poems and plays), complete literary analysis, write essays, complete research and presentations. Since we are using the Summit Platform for Personalized Learning, PTECH students' grades are not calibrated in the same manner as the general population since they are expected to demonstrate mastery and proficiency on the Summit as opposed to receiving a passing grade, which in some cases could be a 'D'.  In order to better understand the Summit Platform and the gr

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