• PE 11/12 Sem 1

    Instructor: Scott, R.

    Physical Education is a necessity for the health and well-being of every student. As a unique and essential part of the total education program, physical education can significantly enhance all aspects of development including health, physical fitness, movement knowledge, academic performance, goal setting, self-esteem, stress management and social skills.
    Evidence continues to mount that regular physical activity can prevent a myriad of health problems that may arise throughout life. Research findings clearly demonstrate that daily exercise is a primary factor in maintaining health and enriching the quality of ones life. People begin to acquire and establish patterns of health-related behaviors during childhood and adolescence. Schools are an efficient vehicle for providing this physical education instruction.

       Health Education

           This course is part of a comprehensive wellness education program. Health is designed to motivate students to voluntarily take an active role in developing positive life-style goals. These goals serve to enhance the probability of lifelong participation in health promoting behaviors resulting in total health benefits. Topics include personal health, nutrition, fitness, peer violence, managing stress, HIV/AIDS, and decision making. Guest speakers will be brought in to address other concerns in the field of health.

       Personal Fitness and Training

       The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to get up, get moving, and evaluate their physical fitness levels in all areas of health-related fitness: cardiovascular fitness, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. This will be substituted for the Physical Education requirement   

         WHS 101
    WHS 101 is an introductory course required for all incoming freshmen at Westerly High School. The course will provide students with many of the essentials that freshmen students will need for the next 4 years. Included in this class, students will be given computer logins, email addresses, MMS portal  and passwords.  Several in-house guest speakers will be scheduled throughout the semester. These “Important People to Know at WHS” will assist in laying the foundation to a successful experience at WHS. Several times throughout the semester, Academic 101 will take place.  This period provides students the opportunity to self asses using the work habits rubric, an opportunity for teachers to review grades on MMS and discuss, and finally, an opportunity to catch up on homework or missed assignments. Specific content areas will include envisioning their future, stress, why people work, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and roadblocks and detours. Participation in class, class work and the work habits rubric are an integral part of the class.



  • Week Beginning 1/17

    We are finishing up the semester, all makeup classes should be completed by exams.

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    Our Basketball Unit is taking place right now as well as a fitness choice. Students are also preparing for the second round of fitness testing before the Holiday break.  

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  • Bowling

    The Physical Education Department, in conjunction with our local bowling alley – Alley Katz, is offering a unit in bowling.  This year there will be no fee charged. The unit will last approximately 2-3 weeks beginning in November.  Those taking part in this activity will walk to and from the bowling alley with a Physical Education Teacher. For safety concerns, strict rules and protocols are in place and any deviation from them will result in removal from the activity.  It is the responsibility of the student to bring home this permission form prior to the unit for signing.  No other notes or phone calls will be accepted. In case of inclement weather the classes may still walk to the bowling alley so appropriate outerwear is strongly suggested. Decisions will be made on a class by class basis if raining.  If classes do not go bowling all students should be prepared for PE class. We do not go bowling on advisory day…

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  • Fitness Testing

     Fitness Testing starts next week for all Semester 1 PE students. Pushups, sit-ups, sit and reach, and endurance BEEP test.

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  • Rock Wall

    Sergeant Spears and the  National Guard will be bringing the Rock Wall to WHS on October 12th and 13th . A waiver for this activity is required and will be passed out in class.  Waiver is also available below.

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    Ultimate Football will begin next week. Students should be prepared to go outside through October.

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  • PE Activities 2016/2017

    Semester Choices: Battle Ball Badminton Gator Ball Ultimate Frisbee Handball Basketball Ultimate Football Flag Football Bowling Indoor Soccer Floor Hockey Softball Fitness Center Fitness Walking Speed Ball Fitness Testing - pushups, sit-ups, sit and reach and beep test

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  • PE FALL/ SPRING 2016/17

    All students are expected to change clothes and participate in PE Class. Students must pass four semesters of PE to graduate from WHS. Student requirements and expectations will be discussed with each class on the first day.  The PE Contract can be found below.  We will be outside for most of the first quarter.  

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  • PE Department Page

     Please see PE department page for all things PE, Health, Topics in Health and WHS 101.

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