Instructor: Bentley, J.

    Welcome to the Mr. Bentley's PBL (Problem Based Learning) Science course at Westerly High School. I'm a graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Secondary Education (Biological & General Sciences) -- you can guess the year I left the Land of The Ram for the Hallowed Halls of the Bulldog! Although educated in small schools in the smallest state, my passion for science knows no boundaries!

    The intent of this course is to provide interesting and challenging experiences that allow us to appreciate LIFE and all of its amazing aspects!  Although the course is aligned with current Grade Span Expectations (
    GSEs) as well as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it is important to note that we are NOT in this “to perform well on tests” or “get good grades”! Let me be clear, I want you to be a LEARNER, not simply a STUDENT.  There is a big difference.  

    As such, this year’s class will be run QUITE differently.  Essentially it will be a blended model in which class time will be used for you to be active learners, utilizing technology and student planning and choice to investigate, research, learn etc. so that you can solve major real-world problems. Rest assured, this class will be like nothing you’ve taken before. I promise you!

    NOTE: we will actually be using Google Classroom as our "go to" class webpage.  There you'll find all assignments, videos, handouts, etc.  To access Google Classroom to see our webpage, please have your child log in to the classroom at home and discuss with them! :)

    In addition, as a parent, feel free to contact me and I can add you to our class list so that you receive "Guardian Emails/Updates" at the end of the week to show you your son/daughter's weekly progress in class, upcoming assignments, etc. 

    In addition, you may find the general course syllabus by clicking HERE

    Finally, Mr. Bentley can be reached at ANY time by emailing to jbentley@westerly.k12.ri.us  OR there is a clickable link at the lower right of this page entitled "Bentley, Justin" underneath "Contacts". 


  • Bentley, Justin

    Email: jbentley@westerly.k12.ri.us