Instructor: Pucci, L.

    Lauren M. Pucci
    B.A .English
    M.A.T. Teaching Secondary English 
    Email: Lpucci@westerly.k12.ri.us
    Phone: 401-596-2109 ext. 3228

    Course Description: Pending URI notification.
    Teacher Philosophy: I truly believe I educate the whole student, preparing him or her for life, not just the workforce. With that in mind, I leave you with this quote by Thomas C. Foster, a literary professor and published author: “Literature, in other words, is a system, a worldwide shared experience across millennia. There are connections everywhere because everything is connected.” From How to Read Novels like a Professor


  • New Exit ticket link

    Let's see how this one works!  

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  • Permission Numbers and ID Numbers

    Please see me for permission numbers and if you've forgotten your ID number, please contact URI registrar's office. Grade Distribution: Class Discussion and Participation 15% Reading Journal 10% Active Reading 20% Close Reading 20% Midterm Exam 15% Final Analytic Essay 20%

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    The link for the non-matric form is in links column!!! Ms. Pucci

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  • A Word About Summer Reading...

    Hi All,  When I received information regarding the course I was under the impression that I could not include summer reading. Unfortunately, I received that information in late October. However, since most of you have been away from fiction and poetry since your sophomore year, I highly recommend reading Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor. It will raise your awareness regarding literature and he's humorous! I look forward to meeting you soon. Ms.…

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  • Take the Survey!

    Students who plan on taking Intro to Lit please complete the survey in the links column! Please note there will be lots of required reading and daily journaling (digitally) regarding that reading. Specific text titles will be  forthcoming. 11/18/2016

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  • Registration for 110

    Registration for 110 opens on November 28th. I urge that you complete your registration no later than January 18th. Directions are in the file section of this page!  Keep in mind, there is quite a bit of reading for this course and be sure that you can handle that workload. Ms. Pucci

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