• ENGLISH 1 CP Period 4

    Instructor: Murray, E.

    The theme for 9th grade English this year will be “Overcoming Conflict for Growth” As a survey course, students will be exposed to informational text and many genres in literature, such as the short story, drama, epic poetry, classic poetry, and the novel. Students will develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The skills and work habits from the course seek to build a strong foundation for future ELA courses.


  • Screencastify videos

    Please watch both videos for instructions on Screencastify.  1st video 2nd video

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  • In class assignment 2/7/2017

    Click here to get assignment   MAKE A COPY AND RENAME!!!!

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  • Romeo and Juliet introduction

    Please click here for the in class BLENDSPACE assignment.   

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  • MLA Outline

    Make a copy of the MLA Outline and complete before the exam You will use this on the exam. MLA Outline  

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  • Due Wednesday!!!!

    Click here for the Odyssey reading due before class on Wednesday.  Complete the questions for the remaining two episodes and be prepared to write about the following questions. HW: Do you believe Odysseus is famous, a role model or a hero? Find someone who you think is the same (a role model, famous or a hero). Make sure you have at least 3 reasons for each person.    

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  • The Odyssey reading guides and audio

    Click here for the audio version of the story.  Scroll down on the video to see the time frames for each episode. Click here to make a copy of the reading guide for part 1   

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  • Calendar of fun for December

    December Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5 - Day 1   Type Narrative Anchor Task Period 2 & 4 (224)             HW: Read for book project 6- Day 6   Type Narrative Anchor Task Period 2 & 7 (224)             HW: Read for book project 7 - Day 4   Begin The Odyssey background information Periods 4   Type Narrative Anchor Task Period 7 (224)   HW: Read for book project 8 - Day 2   Period 2- Type narrative (224)   Period 4- Type narrative (224)           HW: Read for book project 9 - Day 7   Periods 7 & 2 Begin The Odyssey background information   Period 4 continue The Odyssey background       HW: Read for book project 12 - Day 5   Periods 2 & 7   continue The Odyssey background             HW: Read for book project 13 - Day 3   Periods 4 & 7 Read Sailing from Troy, The Lotus Eaters and The Cyclops (1047-1055)         HW: Read for book project 14 - Day 1   Period 2 Read  Sailing from Troy, The Lotus Eaters and The Cyclops (1047-1055)   Period 4 Finish The Cyclops and read 1 poem   HW: Read for book project 15 - Day 6   Period 7 &2 Finish The Cyclops and Land of the Dead Read 1 poem           HW: Read for book project 16 - Day 4   Period 4 Read Land of the Dead and Sirens Read 1 poem  

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  • dialogue and speech tags

    Click here for dialogue examples and speech tags.  

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  • This week in English 11/14-11/18

    We will finish "The Most Dangerous Game" short story in the beginning of this week and analyze the story for characterization, conflict and plot. Students will have a QUIZ on Thursday this week and have a packet from which they can study.  They will be given a new story, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", to read on their own and complete questions pertaining to the story. This assignment will be due on Monday, 11/22. There is an audio version linked here for additional support. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" text "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"…

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  • "Cask of the Amontillado" background work

    In our English block (DURING CLASS) please explore this Blendspace information and complete the quiz and writing prompt with a partner.  CASK OF THE AMONTILLADO ASSIGNMENT

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  • Quizlet

    As we proceed with our vocabulary units, it will be important to practice outside of class. Here are some quizlets to help you study.   Click here for practice Quizlets

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  • Independent Reading Project

    This assignment will be used for all 7 books you read this year. Click on the link below for the assignment, due dates, and directions.   READING PROJECT ASSIGNMENT

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  • Chapter 1 quizlet


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  • Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 1

    Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday, 9/28

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  • Opening Lines

    Below is a link to our next assignment. 1. Open the document 2. Make a copy of the document. 3. Rename it your last name and Opening Lines. Ex: Murray Opening Lines https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1prYR4kcJCSpye5CV_5mCh_SCv7lGUmqslciKIH-x94g/edit?usp=sharing

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