Instructor: Barnhart, A.

    This semester elective writing course allows students who have already taken Creative Writing to deepen their exploration of a chosen genre(s). Students continue to refine their craft as well as analyze and evaluate mentor author texts, their own writing, and that of other students in a Writer’s Workshop format. It is presumed that every student in the course has a serious interest in writing. While parts of the course will be universal, the majority of the semester will be adjusted to fit the needs of each individual student and thus a level of independence is essential.

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  • Mimic Monday


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  • Transition Tuesday--Sentence Structure and Pacing

    In Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, notice the impact of his sentence lengths & structures at both the beginning of chapter 13 and the end. Note how he uses them to transition within paragraphs & make a conscious decision about how to sturcutre your sentences to create an effect:   We got into Milan early in the morning and they unloaded us in the freight yard. An ambulance took me to the American hospital. Riding in the ambulance on a stretcher I could not tell what part of town we were passing through but when they unloaded the stretcher I saw a market-place and an open wine shop with a girl sweeping out. They were watering the street and it smelled of the early morning. They put the stretcher down and went in. The porter came out with them. He had gray mustaches, wore a doorman’s cap and was in his shirt sleeves. The stretcher would not go into the elevator and they discussed whether it was better to lift me off the stretcher and go up in the elevator or carry the stretcher up the stairs. I listened to them discussing it. They decided on the elevator. They lifted me from the stretcher. “Go easy,” I said. “Take it softly.”   ___________________________________________________________________________________ I sent for the porter and when he came I told him in Italian to get me a bottle of Cinzano at the wine shop, a fiasco of Chianti and the evening papers. He went away and brought them wrapped in newspaper, unwrapped them and, when I asked him to, drew the corks and put the wine and vermouth under the bed. They left me alone and I lay in bed and read the papers awhile, the news from the front, and the list of dead officers with their decorations and then reached down and brought up the bottle of Cinzano and held it straight up on my stomach, the cool glass against my stomach, and took little drinks making rings on my stomach from holding the bottle there between drinks, and watched it get dark outside over the roofs of the town. The swallows circled around

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  • Link for Mimic Monday


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  • Models & Publishing Opportunity

    Models  Variety of Articles via the New Yorker http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/personal-history​ "Make Something of Yourself" http://www.sfponline.org/uploads/20/baker.pdf "You are Now Entering the Human Heart" https://byuis.brainhoney.com/Resource/11236525,1,0/Assets/Media/PDF/YouAreNowEnteringTheHumanHeart.pdf Listen to This American Life (so good) https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives Moth Radio Hour https://themoth.org/radio-hour Publishing Opportunity  List of Publishing and Contest Opportunities http://www.tellingroom.org/get-published/places-publish Moth-Type Public storytelling https://themoth.org/share-your-story/storytelling-tips-tricks More (but some of the…

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  • Forms for Author Page


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  • Wander Westerly

    "Wander" through Westerly. Choose one place that holds memories for you. For 3 minutes brainstorm as many details an images as you can. Then, write a nonfiction piece (personal narrative, blog post, etc) about it. 

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  • Blog Mimic Link

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  • Welcome:)

    “We tell ourselves stories in order to live. . .” This year we will explore a number of driving questions inspired by these words from Joan Didion’s essay “The White Album.”  Why do people write? Why do we need to tell stories?  In what ways do/can we communicate those stories—our own, others’, humanity’s ?  How can we use our writing to help us understand ourselves & the world more deeply? How can we express ourselves in original, creative ways?  What and how can we glean from other authors’ craft to augment our own writing? In what ways can we use our knowledge of genre to reach our readers?  How can we use the writing process & peer feedback to revise and improve our writing?  What does it mean to be a writer in the 21st century? I'm looking forward to writing and thinking and growing with you in our little literature community!!! Ms.…

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  • Syllabi
    Click here for the year and weekly syllabi.