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  • Check Your Work

    Hi Kids, As you wind down in the writing and polishing of your senior paper, pls review it carefully against the YES TEST. The YES TEST is the assessment instrument I will use to grade your paper. Also, below is a link to a review sheet... go through it before the yes test and be sure you have hit these major points of concern. Good Luck... Oh, do remember the Information Rubric that the Faculty will use when determining proficiency. The Approaching Column is the one to rise above.. PBGR Informational Writing Rubric http://office-of-the-instructional-coord.whs.westerly.k12.ri.us/modules/locker/files/group_files.phtml?parent=17433514&gid=1292283&=1f557cf5f58d9875b8df574c53a84019 Review Sheet: https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1mPFCCaQl9kjuSeiLm5z5lo30063dY7vQebypT8N92FI/edit?usp=sharing Yes…

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  • Senior Paper Quick Checklist

    Hi kids, as you write or review what you have written for the Senior Paper, here is a link to a quick checklist I created to continue to assist you. The readers of your paper (for the Blind Read by the faculty), will use the Informational Schoolwide Rubric xx Mrs. Oliveira https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1FMGgV6c9MWvYz_TrKN1tEigHl5oD5Lnp5kvzW0Oboxo/edit?usp=sharing

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  • Winding Down

    Hi Kids,  (JHappy New Year!!) What do the next weeks look like?  1. Polished Sr Paper and Profile 2. Thank you note and send profile out 3. Reflections written for Sr Paper and Profile (must include all standards spread out over the 4 projects). Remember to choose a meaningful quote that depicts your writing growth, personal awareness, and personal responsibility during the semester. 4. Website started: Sr paper and Profile uploaded both the original draft and the polished drafts 5. Revise and Polish Investigative Report 6. Write, Revise and Polish the Literacy Narrative freewrite, Amy Tan task, Adichie Ted Talk, Student Model 7. Organize Binder: Binder cover must have an image, a meaningful quote that will appear in your introduction of your Reflection, and your heading at the bottom, centered) See my info sheet and rubric Stay organized and motivated. Please let me know if I have missed something!! I am happy to adjust!! Love, Mrs.…

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  • Reflection and Outcomes Guide

    Hi Kids,  Here is the google link for the Reflection Guide https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1iCsz9orZR4r_lEeeY7PRLIH--iNs4gYgbJWuIUIT8hw/edit?usp=sharing xx Mrs. O  

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  • Why Take Notes during Lectures and Reading?

    Here is why students should take notes during a lecture, but also when they read [Highlighting is not note-taking) :) Notes help you remember information!​  According to Walter Pauk in How to Study in College students who do not take notes in lecture will lose information as follows: (Many students say: "I'm an auditory learner so I don't need to take notes, but...) After lecture: Material forgotten: 20 minutes 47% 1 day 62% 2 days 69% 10 weeks 75% 15…

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  • URI Writing Project #1: Argument/Persuasive Research Paper aka The Senior Research Paper

    HI Kids,  Below and to the right is a link for the Senior Research Paper Process. I have it here as well. The link describes URI's expectations and outlines the necessary steps to satisfy URI and WHS requirements.  Please read and remember: I have hyperlinked sources for every step of the process. So please use those resources to aid your process. You MUST sign in with your WHS account to access my docs. :))) https://docs.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/document/d/1xan8U96vQTOxabxtaC3M0RBSK5u1vQBdMa3a_IayBhk/edit?usp=sharing Hope this helps! xx Mrs. Oliveira PS: Here is another link to a large resource for writing a research paper. It is 18 pages long so use the index to seek out the area in which you hope to find some…

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  • Welcome Recording :) See QR Code below

    Hey there Everyone...  Please download a free QR code reader onto your smartphone to hear a welcome message :) If you do not have that option, I will review this information both in class and in my welcome letter. See you soon!! xx Mrs. Oliveira

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  • Welcome Letter (Hard Copy will be distributed in class)

    Hellooooo College Writing students and caregivers!! Please access the link below to review my Welcome Letter :)) Thank you,  Mrs. Oliveira/Denise Oliveira https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IoVmwIhCTMBSwU6ycidxH9fKFbxC-v8SDYXhcUXe1hQ/edit?usp=sharing  

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