Instructor: McLellan, T.


  • Anchor task

    Attached are the directions for the Career Presentation. Career Anchor Task is due this Friday 12/23/16. There is a late submission deduction of 5 points per day, so don't be late!

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  • SolidWorks

    We have finished work on our hand orthographic and isometric drawings and are now moving forward on the SolidWorks program. If you do not have all your completed hand drawings handed in, make arrangements with me to get the work completed.

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  • Room design

    We will be staring with a room design project. Details are in the activities section of our Fusion page.

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    Welcome to the 2016/2017 school year. I am excited to be teaching you Computer Aided Drafting and Design this year. Below is our class syllabus to show you what we will be learning and working on throughout the semester. Technology Education Program Westerly High School Mr. McLellan W104     Course Description: This course is designed for students to explore the world of Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Students will study Computer Aided Drafting and Design by hand drawing as well as using Computer programs to draw geometric shapes with precision.   Students in the Computer Aided Drafting and Design program will be exposed to the drawing process a product goes through from its inception to the final product. Students will learn the design process. Students will learn design factors and procedures necessary to design an array of products.       Course Goals: Journal writing Explore Computer Aided Drafting and Design career opportunities Investigate CADD tools and systems Explore Drafting and CADD program techniques Design and construct models       Supplies for class This course requires a BINDER.  The binder will keep all documents organized to track the progress of your project.       Class Rules and Procedures: No food or drinks allowed in the classroom (student handbook) Students will be respectful and appropriate at all times to everyone in the room.  You will be prompt and prepared for all classes.  All fire drills and lockdown procedures apply.           Student Resources and Out of Class Communication: Students can access assistance on any course related assignment by contacting their teacher or by accessing the teacher’s School Fusion webpage.  Students should also access the fusion page to reference models and exemplars.       Do Overs: Students have the opportunity to “do over” two assessments per quarter in each course within ONE calendar week (7 days) of receiving the scor

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