• BIOLOGY CP Period 5 2016-2017

    Instructor: OMalley, J.

    College Prep Biology Syllabus
    1 Credit
    Instructor: Mr.O’Malley
    Phone Number: 401 596-2109 x3209
    Web Page Addresshttp://omalley.whs.westerly.k12.ri.us/modules/tt/profile.phtml?

    Overview: This biology course covers a wide variety of issues with a focus on practical applications. Topics will range form cellular structure, basic structure of organisms, ecology, genetics, DNA, and evolution. Human biology will be emphasized with a strong theme of disease recognition. Lab skills and data analysis will be developed in the program.

    Personal Philosophy: One of the major misconceptions about science is that it is merely a collection of facts that need to be memorized.  It’s true that there are concepts that need to be committed to memory, but science is a dynamic process that requires a thinking mind and an analytical approach.  In Biology we will be investigating the concepts of science by approaching it from a hands on perspective.  There will be multiple labs that provide concrete examples of the concepts covered in lecture.  There will be daily activities that reinforce the material covered.  Students will be challenged to develop critical thinking skills and investigate the material by posing questions.  This class will not be a passive, submissive experience.

    ▪ Students are expected to bring their materials to class everyday, failure to do so will be marked as unprepared. 
    ▪ Students are expected to designate a single subject notebook specifically for Biology, and bring that notebook to class everyday.
    ▪ Students must come to class with a writing instrument i.e. pen, or pencil.
    ▪ Students are required to have a folder or binder to store handouts and laboratory procedures, this must be brought to class everyday.
    Failure to bring materials to class will result in the student being marked as unprepared.  At the end of the quarter the unprepared marks will be counted and applied to the work habits grade.
    Classroom Expectations: There are three basic rules, besides the ones stated in the school handbook, that I expect to be followed.
    1. Be on time.  Arrive to class on time and be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Tardiness will result in loss of points on your final grade.
    2.  Hand in assignments on time.  It is the responsibility of the student to be prompt and punctual with the completion of the assignments.
    3. Be respectful to me and your classmates.  I will treat you with respect and I expect the same in return.  Speaking out of turn, swearing, ridiculing someone else, being disruptive, or name calling are all examples of disrespect.  This will not be tolerated and will result in removal from class.
    Grading ProcedureThe following formula is used to calculate a fair and reliable semester grade and “proficiency picture” that accurately reflects what the students knows and is able to do in this course:
    12%... End of Semester Exam (A comprehensive, cumulative & summative assessment aligned to discipline specific standards that require students to demonstrate their achievement of content knowledge and skills.)
    12%... Anchor Task (A performance based, cumulative & summative assessment aligned to 1 of 5 21st century skills that require students to apply their learning to a new, discipline specific context.  
    76%... Coursework (Includes varied assessments that measure student progress and achievement of subject area standards, which include discipline specific knowledge and skills, and an assessment of student work habits.) The following formula is used to calculate this portion of the semester grade:
    60%-Summative: This category includes tests, labs, anchor tasks, and any long term projects.
    40%-Formative/Interim: This category includes quizzes, mini-labs, writing assignments, and other graded activities.
    Revision, Re-take, and Point Recovery PolicyStudents have the opportunity to “do over” ONLY four graded assignments/assessments per semester on which they scored below 80% within one week of receiving the scored assessment. Students must sign the WHS SCIENCE “do over” contract with their teacher to clarify the procedures within two days of receiving the scored assessment. The “do over” score is your final score, up to 80%.
    Late Work Policy: Any assignment with a due date will not be accepted late and will receive a score of 0%, however a “do over” may be used to recover the grade up to an 80%.
    MMS:  MMS will be updated on a regular basis, at least twice a week.  It is strongly recommended that you check MMS for your current average and any missing assignments; this will enable you to monitor your progress and identify any areas for improvement.
    Extra Help: I am available every day before and after school for extra help except for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, which are dedicated to faculty and department meetings.

    Tentative Schedule for Content (subject to change due to weather)

    Introductory Concepts of Biology: 9/6/16-10/2/16
    Cell Structure and Function: 10/3/16-11/7/16
    Ecology and Climate Change: 11/8/16-12/19/16
    Cell Growth and Division: 12/20/16-1/30/17
    Introduction to Genetics: 1/31/17-3/13/17
    DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis: 3/17/17-4/11/17
    Evolution, Dissections, and Phylogeny: 4/14/17-6/13/17


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