Instructor: Bentley, J.

    1 Credit
    Prerequisite: Physical Science
    This biology course provides students with important ideas and facts in life sciences (ex: public health, environment, genetic engineering). This course enables students to organize these ideas into a coherent conceptual framework and to see science as a dynamic process in which they can participate. Topics in molecular biology, ecology and biochemical processes will be investigated.  Required proficiencies: 1.01, 1.04, 2.02, 6.05, 9.01, 9.02, RIGSE LS1-1a, b, c, 2a, b, c, LS2-3a, b, c, 4a, b, 5a, b, LS3-6a, 7a, b, c, 8a, b, c, d, LS4-9a, b, 10a, b

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  • Bentley, Justin

    Email: jbentley@westerly.k12.ri.us