Student Employment Opportunities

Welcome to the Westerly High School Student Employment Opportunity Page. This website has been development so employers and students can come together and assemble in one convenient social media site.  This site is here to empower students to make effective career choices, secure employment and navigate lifelong career directions. The sole purpose of this media site is for employers and employees to post current positions, find employment, learn interview skills, building a resume, and other miscellaneous facts about the service industry. Career success is being defined around preparation, compensation, progression and satisfaction.

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General Job Requirements

  • Walmart is Hiring


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  • Working Papers

    Attention Students If you are the age 14-15 and would like to obtain a job please fill out the document at the bottom of this page labeled Minor Working Papers.  Once completed please return them to the guidance department.

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  • PAR Structure for Interviews

    The PAR structure P roblem/Purpose you encountered A ction(s) you took (alone or with others) to overcome that problem or purpose R esult(s) you achieved, in as concrete terms as possible

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  • Salary Calculator

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  • Top 10 qualities and skills that employees seek

      1. Loyalty 2. Honesty 3. Problem solving skills 4. Communication skills 5. Technical Competency 6. Flexibility 7. Work ethic 8. Determination and persistence 9. Ability to work in harmony with co-workers 10.Eager and willing to learn new skills and add to their knowledge base  

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  • Finkelstein, Chef

    Home: 401.315.1563