• Pre-Engineering 7

    Instructor: Brennan, R.

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     This quarter we will apply the key concepts of the Design Process through two major project-based challenges:

    • Catapult Challenge
    • Cereal Box Design Challenge

     As part of the Design Process, students will be asked to apply their understanding of:

    • Specifications and constraints
    • Scientific principles  (simple machines, potential and kinetic energy)
    • Elements of Design
    • Technological Resources
    • Cultural and historical design trends and impacts
    • Schematic sketching
    • 3D prototyping
    • Systemic testing and evaluation

     The course meets three times per week for nine weeks according to the following schedule:

    • Catamarans – Monday, Block 3; Tuesday, Block 2; Friday, Block 3
    • Explorers – Monday, Block 5; Wednesday, Block 5; Friday, Block 1 

     Grading will be based on design projects and engineering portfolios.

     Please see Mr. Brennan if you have any questions.