• Gr 7 Digital Citizenship Q1

    Instructor: Diaz, M.


  • Digital Citizenship - Conference Day

    Digital Citizenship Parent Conferences Monday, November 7, 2016 Room B306 Michelle Diaz   Stop by for a conference: 8:00am – 2:00pm 5:00pm – 6:00pm   Come be a part of the conversation about kids’ media and technology use. We will be focusing on Managing Screen Time 6pm – 7pm

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  • Should Students' Locations be Digitally Tracked Through-Out the Day?

    Sounds eerie, but this is reality in some schools across the nation! Advocates claim that tracking students improves school safety and efficiency, others feel that it is a violation of students' privacy.  This week, students explored the issue and formed an opinion.  Ask your child what his/her opinion is!

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  • My Media

    This week in Gr 7 Digital Citizenship class, students had to track their device usage, graph the results and then combine results with multiple other people to make a group graph.  Students reflected on the idea of having a balance of online and offline activities.  Their is a Family Tip Sheet posted on this topic in the files section of this Fusion page,

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  • Welcome!

    Week of September 6 To get started, we will take a "Media Smarts" quiz (not graded!) and view a presentation to get a sense of what Digital Literacy is all about! You can access the PowerPoint presentation in the files section of this Fusion Web Page.  

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