• Design & Modeling: Grade 7

    Instructor: Michaud, C.

    Pre-Engineering: Design & Modeling
    The Design & Modeling courses highlight the design process and encourage students to be creative and critical thinkers as they use the principles of engineering to solve problems. As pre-engineers, students are expected to document their thinking and techniques through journaling activities and portfolio creation. Grading is largely determined by these portfolios and through successful completion of design challenges.

        Key topics covered include:
    • The Design Process
    • Technological Resources
    • Invention and Innovation
    • Computational Thinking
    • Game Design


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    Week of April 3

    This is the final week of Quarter 3.  Students should complete the following projects:   * Innovation Videos - includes closing and MLA citations   * Frogger Game Design - all agents, worksheets, and behaviors   * Engineering Portfolio - particularly the technical directions prompt for AgentSheets  

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