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    Instructor: Greene, L.


  • What's up here?

    Science:  We have begun discussing how materials move across the cell's membrane:  diffusion, passive transport, osmosis and active transport What's coming??  CELL DIVISION and REPRODUCTION Math:  We will begin Solving Linear Equations ELA:  WWL8 quiz on Wednesday, April 5 We are organizing our thoughts in order to begin a writing assignment that answers the prompt:  Describe how sleep deprivation effects teens. We have read two articles and are working on charts to organize our thinking.  We will begin to put it all together tomorrow as we move on in the writing process SS:  We continue on with the Renaissance Period.  Students have been working on posters to present to the class.  Each group was given a specific questions pertaining to the Renaissance and each group will teach the class with the aid of their posters. We will have a quiz on PART I vocabulary words on Friday, April…

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  • What's up here?

    Week of March 31 Science:  We continue to explore life science.  We have begun studying photosynthesis and will include cellular respiration. SS:  We have just begun the Renaissance period Math:  We are continuing on with looking at linear and non-linear functions within graphs and tables ELA:  We have begun Wordly Wise Lesson 8 and will be having a quiz next week We will begin an exploration of informational text; we will reading and analyzing text, viewing videos, and responding to a prompt.…

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  • What's up here?

    Science:  We are continuing with Life Science.  We have been discussing biomolecules.  Students will work with flashcards and QUIZLET to review vocabulary terms.  Students will participate in readings, videos, and note-taking as we expand on our study of specialization of the cells within our bodies.  Lots of fun to come! Math:  We continue to work with bivariate data.  Students have been looking at data to determine associations.  We have begun to look at linear and non-linear patterns within graphs, tables and charts. SS:  Students have just wrapped up the study of feudal Japan and China.  We are moving into the Renaissance Period, a time of rebirth of the arts and education. ELA:  Students are getting ready to embark on another writing task.  We will be using paired text and videos to answer a prompt.  Lots of reading and discussions to take place as we explore the effects of sleep on the adolescent mind and body.   The END of QUARTER 3 is coming!  In a few short weeks we will enter into the fourth quarter of grade 8!  Lots of fun to come, however, academic and behavioral expectations must be met in order to participate.…

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