• 8 HUR Robotics Q3

    Instructor: Julian, C.

    Robotics Engineering advanced course that explores real-world scenarios using the VEX robotics platform. Design challenge ends the course using knowledge learned.


  • Week 8

    This week, your team will finish building your Clawbot. We will then begin to practice for the Highrise Challenge!

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  • Week 7

    This week, we will learn about gear trains and their significance in gaining mechanical advantage. We will also begin building the Clawbot, which will be used in your Highrise Challenge next week.

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  • Week 5

    This week, your team will participate in a 3 v 3 soccer match. We will discuss how mechanical advantage can help with the next match based on your findings.

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  • Week 4

    This week, your team will learn about how robotics uses simple machines to accomplish tasks. Your team will perform the Chain Reaction Challenge which requires you to string together several simple machines.

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  • Week 3

    This week, your team will build your first VEX robot and begin to control it remotely and autonomously using programming.

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  • Week 2

    This week, we will get familiar with the new VEX system by identifying the various objects and pieces in your kits.

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  • Documents

    Below you will find documents pertaining to this class that you can download.

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