• 8 GR Maglev Q1

    Instructor: Julian, C.

    Magnetic Levitation class that explores the concepts of magnetism, electromagnetism, and their application in transportation technologies. Economic and environmental benefits and disadvantages will also be explored.
    This class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  • Week of 10/5

    This week, your team will finish up your wind tunnel tests and begin to apply a paint job to your train. We will also begin to design a website for you train company.

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  • Week of 9/28

    This week, your team will transpose your drawing onto the foam block. You will cut your basic shape and use files, rotary tools, sandpaper, and GOGGLES to shape and smooth your prototype in preparation for it's first test, the WIND TUNNEL!

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  • Week of 9/14

    This week, your team will begin working on creating a 3-view drawing of your Maglev train idea. From this drawing, you will create a prototype train and prepare for the Wind Tunnel test.

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  • Week of 9/1-10

    This week, you will work on your internet research assignment and submit it for grading. We will then look at magnetic levitation principles, aerodynamic principles, and have a discussion. I will introduce you to the project and you will begin to create sketches of your ideas for your Maglev train.

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  • Week of 9/4

    Welcome to a new school year! I hope you are as excited as I am to explore Magnetic Levitation technologies!

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